My Portfolio:

These artifacts represent my skills in multimedia development and web page authoring. I have developed a CD-ROM using Adobe Acrobat and QuickTime movies. In addition, there are Digital Stories that are posted in another collection, and my web site which showcases my knowledge and skills in electronic portfolio development.

Earlier Web LInks

ePortfolio Mash-Up with GoogleApps 
This web page contains my design for using GoogleApps for Education to construct an online learning environment with GoogleApps. As I have discussed in a September 2008 blog entry, I think this is the best free Web 2.0 toolset that I have found to support electronic portfolio development across the lifespan. It is available to individuals as well as to institutions. I am continuing to explore these tools, providing training to schools in New Hampshire.  

CD-ROM-based Handbook
I developed a CD-ROM in 2002 to use in workshops and to sell on my website. I made a major revision in the spring of 2004, adding Digital Storytelling to support deep learning.

Using Adobe Acrobat for Electronic Portfolio Development
This paper outlines Adobe's Portable Document Format as the ideal container for electronic portfolio reflections connected to digital artifacts, describes the software environment, and then describes the process for converting digital artifacts from many applications into the Portable Document Format, and maintaining a cross-platform, web-accesible, hyperlinked digital portfolio. I received an award at the SITE 2001 Conference as "Best Technical Paper."

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License

Technology by Helen Barrett is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported license.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Helen Barrett.

Recent Resources on Web 2.0 & Mobile Tools

Selecting a "Free" Online Tool for ePortfolio Development 

These sites provide tutorials and resources on using these Web 2.0 tools to create ePortfolios.

Webinar on mPortfolios
On February 18, 2012, I did a webinar for a MoodleMeet on ePortfolios sponsored by LearnNowBC. Here is the link to the Elluminate recording. Here are the slides that are created based on my new poster for the 2012 ISTE conference.
Slides in Slideshare. 

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