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file repository

Online File Repository allows you to quickly and easily upload and organise your files.

  • No more need for email and printing - Access your files from anywhere you have access to
  • Structure your files into folders and subfolders.
  • Bulk upload files using .zip, .tar.gz and .tar.bz2.
  • 50MB storage for open usres, 2GB for premium users.
  • Tag your files so they are easily searched.

display portfolio

Display your Portfolio

Use the flexible display framework in to show off your files, blogs, videos and other embedded content in webpages called 'Views'.

  • Choose your View layout.
  • Add your own documents and images to the view.
  • Add embedded multimedia content from the web to your pages.
  • Rearrange the content on your page using drag and drop.
  • Decide who gets to see your view.
  • Invite feedback on your work.


Create a Professional Profile

Use to develop and manage your own up to date Professional Profile.

  • Add your profile information - introduce yourself and add your own profile icons.
  • Create your professional CV - add your contact information, employment history, certifications, qualifications and more..
  • Display your information - Show off your profile to others by creating an attractive profile page.
  • Control who sees what - You have full control over your own information and don't need to give away any more than you need to.


Write Blogs!

What to reflect on life and learning? has a built in blogging tool which you can use to keep a record of your daily reflections.

  • Use an editor to write blogs and topics.
  • Attach files to your blog.
  • Embed images into your posts.
  • Invite other users to comment on your blog if your wish.
  • Share your blog with others.


Social Networking

Share your work and reflections with others!

  • Make friends with other users in
  • Create and join groups that interest you.
  • Discuss and share ideas with other users in group forums.

portfolio for life

Portfolio for life

If you have spent a long time developing your portfolio in and decide your would like to take it with you on your lifelong learning journey - you can.

  • Use export function to save your portfolio either as HTML or leap2A (an e-Portfolio standard).
  • Choose to export either your whole portfolio or just portions of it.
  • Administrators of other Mahara platforms can use your export to import into their systems.

portfolio for life

Help area

Members of will get access to help documents. The help area includes.

  • Introductory tutorials.
  • A tour of the features.
  • Help forums.
  • A place where you can suggest improvements.